You Are Achieving The Impossible!

Have you ever looked at your life and actually seen the wonderful things you are doing today, that you never thought were possible?  I’m guessing no…

It wasn’t until I was working with an athlete, overcoming some confidence issues, that I actually realised that not only was he doing the Impossible, but I realised that I was doing the Impossible too.

I’m not going all sentimental or anything like that (and if you know me, you definitely know that I’d never do anything of the sort!).  But working with this athlete made me realise that we do it every day!

Now, I don’t mean that we’ve survived an Tsunami, earthquake or a life threatening disease.  People do survive them and I’m grateful when they do.

But even on a smaller level, we actually do the Impossible and are living proof of it.

The particular athlete I was working with has huge potential in Taekwondo.  He has ability, he has a willingness to learn and can go a very long way – if he wants to.  (If I have anything to do with it, he will!)

We’ve worked together for over a year now, and there has been amazing improvement in his game over that time.

But recently, things have began to plateau.  He’s began to doubt himself, he’s feeling that he’ll never got to be a champion, he was looking at videos on YouTube and thinking that he could never do that, etc.  These are all thoughts that have gone through many an athlete in their career.

So I asked what he’s got in his life right now and he gave me 3 big things that he’s got going.

It was then I asked him “If I said to you 12 months ago that you would have X and Y and Z in your life a year from now, what would you say?”

He replied “It’s IMPOSSIBLE”.

I said right back at him “You’ve achieved the Impossibe!”

It was apparent then that he had achieved the impossible in 12 months.  I then pointed out that what he’s feeling is what everyone goes through.  Instead of looking at videos on YouTube and saying “I could never do that” look at them and say “I can definitely do that!”.

If someone has done it before you, the you can do it, no matter how “Impossible” it might seem.

So, have a look in your life, look back where you were 12 or 18 months ago.  Go back to where you were then, ask yourself then if you thought what you’re doing today would be possible and see what the answer is.

For the majority of people, it would be Impossible.  For very few people they would be able to say that they’re exactly where they had envisaged themselves – unless they had done everything I said to do in my previous articles!

Have a look now and see where you’re Achieving the Impossible.  Recognise that and use it to inspire you to do more of the Impossible!

I’d love to know how you’re Achieving the Impossible.  Let me know in the box below.  If there’s anything you’d like for me to cover for you, feel free to put them in too. 8)