Winning By Failing in Taekwondo

Taekwondo Success & WinningI was reading an article about failure and success by a friend of mine this morning, and it got me thinking… It got me thinking about why very few people succeed in Taekwondo competitions and championships, and why so many don’t.

I began to wonder what it is that gives those who win the edge over those who don’t… And it became apparent very quickly that it was all to do with failure.

From training with the best Taekwondo athletes in the world – multiple Olympic and World Taekwondo Champions – to working with some of the best up and coming athletes in the Taekwondo world, that those who have succeeded and won Taekwondo Gold Medals time and time again are the ones who fail, time and time again.

They fail in their training, they fail in unimportant competitions, they fail in many places – all because they have to!

You see, success only comes about through experience. Experience only comes about through making mistakes. So, in other words, you have to make mistakes and fail in order to succeed.

Some of the greatest athletes in the world who had the highest scores in their sport, also had the highest scores for missing too. Michael Jordan held the record for the most point scored in a season. He also held the record for the most misses too. His “failures” lead to his huge success.

So, go. Go and fail. Fail as much as you can. Failing is the route to success. Without the ability to fail, and learn from it, you will never be the best you can be. Champions fail time and time again. This allows them to win when it matters most!

In my next article – How To Win Major Championships By Losing In Taekwondo – I’ll be talking about when to “fail” so that you will increase your chances of success.