Will Smith’s Tips For Success

A friend of mine sent me this video the other day. I wasn’t expecting much from it really, but 9 minutes and 57 seconds of the video was perhaps on of the best 10 minutes of time spent for a very long time.

Will Smith really has got a grasp of what it is to be successful and can teach us all a thing or 2 about working, having a phenomenal work ethic and never ever giving up.

You can definitely take Will’s mindset and work ethic and apply it to your training, your work, and especially your lifestyle. It truly is inspirational.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Enjoy….

One thought on “Will Smith’s Tips For Success

  1. Sigursteinn Snorrason

    Great site guys, enjoyed it and plan to visit regularly=)

    Sigursteinn from Iceland

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