Water A Necessity For Every Taekwondo Athlete

Taekwondo WaterNow, we all know that drinking water is an absolute must for every single Taekwondo athlete there is. We can’t get away from it. We sweat so much during training, we have to replace those lost liquids.

But, apart from replacing that lost liquid, what else does drinking water do for us?

In this post I’m going to show you the many other things that happen when we drink water, and not just during and after training…

When we drink water, a number of different things happen in our body.

Firstly, our muscles get the water put back in that was lost during activity. Secondly, all waste that our body has is put into the body’s waste system to be flushed out. Thirdly, the nutrients that we take from our food get put into the system to go to the areas they’re needed.

These are just some of the many things that happen when we take water.

Now, we know that loss of water in our body reduces performance, and we get slow and tired. This makes it all the more reason to keep hydrated – just to maintain performance.

But there are many other things that happen in the body when we take water that are key for a Taekwondo athlete.

One of the biggest things that happens is that water puts fat into our bloodstream for fuel. This is a BIG thing for a Taekwondo athlete! If you’re making weight, just adding some additional water every day can accelerate the amount of body fat you lose before your competition.

The next big thing for a Taekwon Do athlete is that it helps you to feel full. Again, if you’re cutting weight, there’s nothing worse than feeling hungry during the day. Drinking water fills up the stomach and gives you that full feeling.

A lot of the time when we feel hungry is actually because we’re dehydrated. Our body wants food for its water, not necessarily for it calories.

Now, just taking water and nothing else isn’t going to do it for you! This is combined with proper eating – proper food at regular intervals during the day.

Another important thing that happens for you when you drink water is that is keeps your brain alert. Feeling tired, especially “brain tired” has a very big impact on performance. If you’re mind isn’t in your training, or even the competition, you’re not going to do your best – period!

Our brain is made of approx 70% water, so even a little drop in that an have serious effects, as it can in our whole body.

Water gets added to our blood stream and makes it flow easier. When blood is too thick, it can’t flow as easy, and is also the cause of a headache.

These are just some of the things that happen when we drink water.

So, if you’re looking to reduce your bodyfat, whether it’s to make weight or to show off your abs a bit more, then water needs to be part of your arsenal. It will curb hunger cravings and also keep you alert to do more, and do it faster.

Depending on the amount of training you do, you should be drinking at least 2 litres a day. If you’re training intensely, you could need to be drinking 4 litres of more per day. Now, this does include your carb and protein drinks that you take after training.

So if you’re taking 2 litres of sports drinks twice a day, that’s 4 litres just with the drinks. You’ll need to be having 1-2 litres on top of that. This can be either before or during training. Listen to your body and let it tell you what you need. If you feel constantly tired and/thirsty then drink some water.

Drink constantly throughout the day to keep your body and mind hydrated throughout.

If you found this article helpful, or you have any questions about anything, let me know in the comments box below. 😉

One thought on “Water A Necessity For Every Taekwondo Athlete

  1. ganesh

    pasta, rice, bread, fruit, and flavoured dairy products

    Hello David,
    I am Ganesh from india.
    I am 26yrs old , 6ft height , 68 kilos and i started taekwondo 4 months ago , with 2 classes per week and duration is 1 hr.
    i.e 5-6 PM IST.
    I work in Night shifts 11pm to 7:30 AM.
    I am very skinny and i came to know that i am an ectomorph.
    Most of the times i eat a cup of rice per day and bananas.

    The foods that are available for me or mostly i eat are :

    Soya Chunks
    Bean seeds
    ground nuts
    Eggs ( as Boiled or Omlet )
    Olive Oil
    Wheat Bran
    White and Brown Rice
    subway ( tuna ) weekly once
    Grilled Chicken Whole ( weekly Once )

    i go to office @ 11pm , but before that i wanted to practice and eat good food
    i came to know that after work out if one dont take good protien source, the protien is the muscles will be eaten by body there fore it makes weak.
    I feel the same for me , because i hardly eat

    I want to be at good physical condition , because it helps me to move faster and kick stronger
    i wanted to be a good martial artists since childhood, but i got the opportunity once after i got into a job.

    After my 1 month of training i participated in the Heavy Weight catogery of Interclub TKD chamionships in December 2010. I won with a Gold medal, but i got pain and swelling til 3 days on
    upper Ankle ( the core part for round house kick).

    Hence i decided to be stronger and more fit, but dont know, may be of my body type or improper diet or improper regimen i am following, i am getting thinner day by day. That is not right
    with the foods that are available for me is thhere a way that i can build some muscle and become a bit muscular from skinny. If you recommend any sequence and quantiy to these , i surely will follow that religiously.

    Lookinf forward to hearing from you.
    Email : kumar_jjabraham@yahoo.co.in

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