Visualisation And Improving Your Taekwondo Training Performance

Visualisation – what is it exactly? Well, without going all “dictionary” on you, it’s basically replaying scenarios or situations in your mind.

Every top athlete does it. Every top coach makes their athletes and players do it. But the question is, what’s the best way to visualise and how do I know if I’m doing it right?

The thing is, we need to back a step further before we even get there.

Many athletes I talk to when running workshop and seminars who don’t do visualisation don’t do so because they feel that they can’t do it. Usually this is because of the above questions, “how do I do it and how do I know I’m doing it right?”

Now, before you start thinking that you can’t do it, the thing is you can, and funnily enough, you actually do – every day!

If you find yourself gazing off in the distance daydreaming about something, you’re visualising.

If you’re worrying about something and what’s going to happen if it comes through, you’re visualising.
We do it all the time, but yet we don’t realise it.

So, how can we take those daydreams or worries and give them purpose so we can steer our lives in the direction we want?

My aim with this series of articles is to give you a step by step plan of how you can improve your training, your performance, your weight loss goals, even your personal life if you want to, all by using visualisation.
Like with anything, all you need to do is to practise and with more and more effort you actually will get better.
I’ll be giving you some of the techniques that Olympic Champions like Moon Dae Sung (KOR), and Stephen Lopez (USA), and I have used in my own career to great effect.

I’ve trained athletes to use these techniques which have accelerated their results in the ring, as well as their personal lives.

In the next article in this series on Visualisation, I will be showing you exactly how you can start to use Visualisation and start building that muscle to super human strength.

Let me know what you think of the article in the comments box below. And if you have any questions on Visualisation, how to do it, or how to improve certain things, feel free to let me those in the comments box too.