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Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – The Benchpress

Tae Kwon Do Strength & Conditioning Training One of the best exercises a Taekwondo athlete can use in the gym as a part of their Strength & Conditioning program (and again even pretty much all year round!) is the flat benchpress.

In our last Strength & Conditioning articles [ Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – The Back Squat and Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – How To Perform The Back Squat ] we covered the Squat, it’s benefits and then how to do it. In this article I’m going to cover the Benchpress and in the following article, I will cover how to execute it best.
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Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – How To Perform The Back Squat

Strength Training for TaekwondoIn the previous article [Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – The Back Squat] we discussed the benefits and uses of the back squat within a strength training program. In this article we will address how to perform the movement correctly and safely. To perform the movement using a barbell (either fixed i.e. Smith machine or free) we need to focus on five distinct phases as follows:
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Taekwondo Strength Training Basics – The Back Squat

Tae Kwon Do Strength & Conditioning Training One of the best exercises a Taekwondo athlete can use in the gym as a part of their Strength and Conditioning program (and even pretty much all year round!) is the back squat.

There are many variations of the squat movement and the back squat is what is regarded as the “classical” all round movement for lifting with legs. Here I will discuss how the squat movement works and what benefits you gain from performing it.
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Taekwondo Training – Elements Of A Strength & Conditioning Program

Tae Kwon Do Strength & Conditioning TrainingIn Taekwondo training, a good Strength and Conditioning program is a vital component to your success, both short and long term.  To gain a better understanding of a proper Strength and Conditioning program we need to understand some of the key elements that is in one.

Firstly as stated in previous articles we need to know what we are training for. What is our goal and what do we need to do to achieve it? Once we know this we can then start to periodize our training.  We cover this in more detail at Taekwondo Training – Periodization I and Taekwondo Training – Periodization II
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Taekwondo Training – Periodization II

Tae Kwon Do TrainingIn the last article – Taekwondo Training – Periodization – we had a brief introduction explaining what periodization is and why it is important. Hopefully you have written your goals and your training elements down as advised.

However we now have all of this information and need to put it into a coherent plan that works in one direction taking us step by step closer to our ultimate goal. Whatever your goal is, whether it be making National Team for the Olympic Games or winning a local competition, the planning process is quite similar… getting to the Olympic Games just takes a little bit longer that’s all 🙂
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Taekwondo Conditioning & The Law of Specificity – Step Away From The Treadmill!

TreadmillRecently I was asked to review an Strengh & Conditioning programme written for a full time Taekwondo athlete, by the athlete’s full time coach. Within the programme the coach was making the athlete do swimming a few times in a week!

I queried as to why swimming had been included within the programme, and the coach said to make the athlete “fitter” for competition… It was very apparent to me by this point that this coach had completely no idea about effective training and had really missed the point… Most importantly they must have never heard about the Law of Specifity!

Ok, so let’s turn the tables and set a scene.
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Taekwondo Strength & Conditioning – The Basics!

Tae Kwon Do WeightsAs most good coaches know Strengh & Conditioning (S&C) for the Taekwondo athlete is an absolute must in any training programme. Some of the greatest Taekwondo athletes in the world are massive advocates of this discipline including Steven Lopez the 2 x Olympic – 5 x World champion. Every top Taekwondo national team in the world has an S&C coach employing this training methodology… it is just a greatly under used resource at the club and national levels.
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Taekwondo Strength & Conditioning: Do We Really Need It?

Well lets answer the question in the title right now… in Taekwondo competition, Strength & Conditioning (S&C) programmes at an elite level are an absolute must to be successful. Even if you have as little as an hour and a half a week to spare and do Taekwondo recreationally, you can get in some good S&C work by knowing the right areas of the body to target and using your time intelligently.

When a lot of people talk to me in the Taekwondo community about S&C many have a very jaded and outdated view of this crucial and key element of training. Many coaches still believe that S&C is just lifting heavy weights and putting on muscle bulk.
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