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Taekwondo Competition – Do You Worry What Others Think?

In Taekwondo competition, especially at World and Olympic level, there are those that stand out from the rest. There are those athletes that everyone wants to see, everyone believes will will and everyone almost wants to be like. These people aren’t very common on our sport, or any sport for that matter. Every sport has this type of person…

Every so often, someone comes along, and it doesn’t matter what they do, they inspire us with what they do.
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The Value of Family In Taekwondo Training and Competition

Tae Kwon Do Value Of FamilyWhile working with athletes, one of the many (if not the highest) issues I have to work on is an athlete’s relationship with their family for the benefit of their Taekwondo Training and Competition Success.

In my last article – Taekwondo Success Is Determined By The People You Associate With – I talked about how the people you hang around with will determine how well you do.
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How To Win Major Championships By Losing In Taekwondo

Win in Tae Kwon DoRecently, while doing some work with a group of athletes I work with, I went over how they need to view tournaments that they go to for their overall Taekwondo success. I told them that it doesn’t matter about the local competitions, or even the International Open’s whether they win or lose. It’s not about winning. They’re about trying out new stuff, getting comfortable with new techniques and their performance.

People get caught up on that they have to win the whole time. This is especially true when competing either at National level, or at a local tournament. If they’re the local favourite, they feel there is pressure on them to win, every single time.
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Winning By Failing in Taekwondo

Taekwondo Success & WinningI was reading an article about failure and success by a friend of mine this morning, and it got me thinking… It got me thinking about why very few people succeed in Taekwondo competitions and championships, and why so many don’t.

I began to wonder what it is that gives those who win the edge over those who don’t… And it became apparent very quickly that it was all to do with failure.

From training with the best Taekwondo athletes in the world – multiple Olympic and World Taekwondo Champions – to working with some of the best up and coming athletes in the Taekwondo world, that those who have succeeded and won Taekwondo Gold Medals time and time again are the ones who fail, time and time again.
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Taekwondo Sparring Mental Games

Taekwondo SparringSo, you’re at a competition, you’re feeling a bit nervous. The Taekwondo players in your weight division are all experienced, some moreso than you.  So how to do you give yourself the advantage?

How do you get around those nerves and thoughts that don’t help you and turn them into something that works for you?
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Taekwondo Training Boost For You

Tae Kwon Do TrainingOk, so you’re training, possibly 2-3 times a day. You’re doing your best, but there’s always room for a bit more success in your life.

So, what can you do to give you that edge, to accelerate the effects of your Taekwondo training and give you more success at the Taekwondo competitions?

Well there is one thing that you need to do that will bring all your training and nutrition together that is a must for any athlete looking for Success.
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You Are Achieving The Impossible!

Have you ever looked at your life and actually seen the wonderful things you are doing today, that you never thought were possible?  I’m guessing no…

It wasn’t until I was working with an athlete, overcoming some confidence issues, that I actually realised that not only was he doing the Impossible, but I realised that I was doing the Impossible too.
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Are You Using Your Taekwondo Bank Of Success?

Ok, you may think I’m totally off my rocker here, but bare with me…

What is the “Taekwondo Bank of Success”?. Well, it’s actually the “Bank of Success” but I’ve adapted it for Taekwondo.

Let me ask you this? Can you go to a bank and take out money that’s not in your account?
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How Do I Visualise For Taekwondo If I Don’t Know What To Do?

This is a question I get asked from time to time, so rather than me repeat myself, I thought it better to write about it.

Now, many people can visualise. Many people can see themselves in their mind. If you can day dream, you can visualise!

But when it comes down to practising a technique, or training for a tournament, what do you do?
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Are You Standing On The Shoulders Of Taekwondo Giants?

Standing on the shoulders of giants… Some of you may be familiar with the term, but most of you won’t.

If you’re into Personal Development, you may have heard the term once or twice, but for those who haven’t, I’ll explain.

Now, when I say “Standing On The Shoulders of Taekwondo Giants” I don’t mean that you go and find the biggest person that you know and ask them if you can stand on their shoulders… It’s more of a metaphorical term, rather than a literal one.
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