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Are You Fuelling Correctly For Your Taekwondo Training II

Tae Kwon Do FuelIn my last article I laid the foundations for the nutritional guide for athletic performance. I discussed the different types of foods that we have in our diets. In this article, I want to go through which types of foods we need to keep our bodies in peak condition.

Whether you do Taekwondo as a workout, or as a form of self defence, or like a lot of people as a sport they compete in, the quality of your nutrition has a direct effect on your performance. Whether that’s in the ring, in your personal life, in your work life or just doing day to day stuff. Your energy and enthusiasm in what you do is directly affected by the food you eat, and the quality of it.
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Are You Fuelling Correctly For Your Taekwondo Training

Tae Kwon Do FuelOne of the biggest problems I find with Taekwondo athletes today is the lack of good information on nutrition, basically what to eat and what not to eat and when to eat.

It can be a somewhat technical subject if you want it to be. But I want to make it as simple as possible for you so that you have something you can put into practise straight away and improve your Taekwondo training performance, and even your competitive performance if you wish.

Before I get into specifics, I’m going to give some basic nutritional information so that I know we are all on the same page.
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