Taekwondo Success Is Determined By The People You Associate With

Tae Kwon Do Winning SystemsOn one of my many journeys to work with athletes to bring them to their next level, I had a talk with a young athlete this weekend, and it brought back to me the importance of who you associate with for success, not just in Taekwondo, but in Life in general.

This athlete was chatting with a “friend” (and I use that term loosely) on Facebook, and this “friend” was talking crap about his coach, and other people.  His coach was definitely not happy, not because he was talking crap, but because what he was saying was firstly inaccurate but secondly and more importantly, because this young athlete let it get to him, and it was affecting his mindset.

What made it worse was that this is a week out from a big tournament for this athlete, and it was at the forefront of his focus – instead of focusing on winning the tournament.

It brought home something that I take for granted now, but that many people don’t know about, or that they may have come across, but have forgotten.

Your success in Taekwondo – and in Life – is determined by the quality of the people you associate with.

This is not some thing that is just said for the sake of it, it’s so true, on many different levels.

I’ve had the fortune to be able to train with some of the top Welter, Middle and Heavyweights in the World.

I’ve trained with Steven Lopez, together with Mark, Diana, and everyone back in 2001 for a year.  In 2003 I trained with the Turkish National Team for the World Championships in Germany that year for a few months.

What I learned with these great athletes, and great people in general, was that not only does quality training and success thinking matter, but so does the quality of people you hang around with.

So this week, apart from showing this young athlete that taking in the crap that he was getting on Facebook was having a very negative effect on the club, the coach, his family and the training environment, he finally realised the value of having quality people around him, in all aspects of life, not just in training.

After following my instructions to Delete this so called “friend” 2 days later in training he had a totally new focus and his attitude had dramatically changed – for the better.  He’s now focused on the tournament next week, and is invigorated again – much to the relief of his family and his coach.

I’d love to hear about your experiences like this, or what you thought.  Share your thoughts in the comments box below. 😉

4 thoughts on “Taekwondo Success Is Determined By The People You Associate With

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  2. Master Julian Santana

    I have been a Tae Kwon Do practitioner for 39 yeasrs and I have started browsing the world wide web for sites and must say that you site has bee very information and insoirational. It is great to see other practioners who care about Tae Kwon Do as much as I do. Unfortunately the talent and application of teaching has fallen to the extent of now having that insulting name stuck to it “TAKE YOUR DOUGH.” Masters and Instructors like you and I have to make it our obligation to name the good schools and weed out the bad ones. As a retired attorney I an looking into starting someking of informational book pinpointinting these bad schools while protecting our constitutional rights to bring them out to the open.

    Master Julian Santana, 6th Dan IJF/USNTF
    Santana’s Black Belt Academy @ D.O.C.S. (Developing Olympic Combat Sports) 3115 Penn Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411
    Direct Tel. (612) 229-8262

  3. mario

    i really do appreciate your blogs David. It is almost like you are talking about my life (in certain cases..)! lol 🙂

    I am a very young student (from taekwondo perspective.. i am 24 but only started taekwondo last year) but I have a great coach and a great person what inspires me a lot. I am so happy i can hang around with people like that. it makes all my life so much easier, and i can see growth within my life situations (what are no problems anymore, just challenges :P) and of course growing in my taekwondo “carrier”.. not long time ago i put this goal in my head, what i am sure i will archive. it is the black belt in taekwondo! this sport is not a sport anymore for me. it increased my self confidence insaine and i have the strength now to do whatever i really want to do and i know i can archive it! (only realistic goals of course)

    sometimes i am thinking about what would’ve been different if i would’ve joined a different school (there is a sketchy one in our city 😉 ), or hung out with other people! 😉 whatever, i am happy where i am at, and i can really appreciate that!

    Taekwondo AND the people i hang around with influenced my life dramatically (in a good way only!)


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