Taekwondo Sparring Mental Games

Taekwondo SparringSo, you’re at a competition, you’re feeling a bit nervous. The Taekwondo players in your weight division are all experienced, some moreso than you.  So how to do you give yourself the advantage?

How do you get around those nerves and thoughts that don’t help you and turn them into something that works for you?

Read on and I’ll you some tools to help you perform better and get yourself closer to that Gold Medal…

The first thing you need to do is to have confidence in your training.  Nerves happen because we are unsure about our training and that we are ready for the Taekwondo competition.

So, remind yourself of all the training you have done.  All the sweat that you have put in for this day…

Second thing you need to do is remind yourself that your opponents are human too.  They have 2 arms and 2 legs, just like you.  They have their own nerves on the day too.  They could be thinking the same things you are…

The third thing to do is to look at the ways that you are better than your opponents.  List all the things that give you an advantage.  You may not think of any, but here are some that you could use:

  • You’ve trained harder
  • You are fitter and have better endurance
  • You kick faster
  • You are taller and have leg advantage
  • You have better agility and can avoid kicks faster
  • You can see your opponent kick and can read the game
  • You have a better coach
  • You train with success team mates…

These are just a few of the things you can use to your advantage.

So if it’s a competition you are at, or even just normal sparring in your training, use these whenever you want to give yourself a boost.  It will help you get over nerves you have on competition day, and even give you a much needed advantage over your team mates in your Taekwondo school.

Let me know what advantages you have over your opponents in Taekwondo competition in Taekwondo Sparring.  Feel free to share them in the comments box below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Taekwondo Sparring Mental Games

  1. Ashley

    Hi David,
    I am a aspiring taekwondo fighter and are having some serious issues with my competitions. I was previously a very confident sometimes modest fighter in a sense of knowing what I was capable of. I won plenty at competitions and nothing every worried me!
    I had a break for a bit due to injury and began training again to compete, things were just not right and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I competed recently and was beaten badly by a top fighter in the country. I just feel that my confidence as been beaten so much after that, that I don’t know what to do with it any more. My training is just not improving, my strategies are just worthless. I still train hard but just can’t seem to get back to my pre injury status. I was wondering whether you know any good strategies to get my mind back on track after suffering some severe confidence blows.



    1. David Post author

      Hey Ash,

      When you come back to competition from injury, you sometimes have little niggles in your mind about your performance. Almost everyone I know has had them. Thinking about them all the time only gives them more energy and makes them bigger in your mind.

      Here are the 3 top things you need to do for yourself in order for you to not only get back to where you were, but to also be even better.

      Believe In Yourself and Your Abilities
      Surround Yourself With Better Players with Positive Mental Attitude
      Just Do It And Compete

      I might just do an article (or a number of them) just for you on this whole topic as it’s one that affects many people.

      If you want to send me more specifics, let me know in the Talk To Us and I’ll help however I can.


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