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As most good coaches will know “flexibility” is a major part of any Taekwondo athletes kicking arsenal. The ability to not only kick high, but with great technique and timing takes dedication and a lot of practise.

Sport scientific research on the concept of flexibility is varied with some experts making the claim that flexibility is a genetic trait with many people being inherently more flexible than others. Other experts in the field claim that flexibility can only be improved and enhanced during pre-adolescence were as others agree that everyone can be flexible through training methods at any stage in their lifetime.

Here at TheTaekwondoCoach.com we believe anyone can have great flexibility.

Just like training to make your muscles bigger in the gym they can also be trained to stretch longer in order to kick higher… it’s all a matter of understanding and good training practise!

To train our own flexibility we must first understand it. Flexibility can be broken down into three distinct categories: dynamic, active and static. Dynamic flexibility is the ability to perform movements that allow you to move the muscle through its full range of motion (e.g. leg/arm swings).

Active flexibility is the ability to assume and hold an extended limb in a fixed position (e.g. using the muscles to hold up your leg). Static flexibility is the ability to assume an extended stretched position and hold it constantly (e.g. exercises such as the splits).

It is crucial for a Taekwondo athlete to be proficient in these flexibility types and for a Taekwondo coach to understand them and how to train them in the gym.

In the next article we will break down the different types of flexibility and training practises that can be utilised for improvement in your Taekwondo kicking techniques.

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  1. Teresa

    Hi my name is Teresa I am a Personal Trainer I just started training a guest that is in Taekwondo and would like to work more on his flexibility. He stated ” He can kick pretty good from to the front , but have troulbe kicking high to the side. Can you give me some advice in this area? I Thank You for taking the time out to read my question. Once again Thank You..

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