Taekwondo Competition – The Olympics Are In The Air

Olympic Laniard for London 2012 Games TaekwondoWell, the Olympics are well and truly in the air today. After getting all my tickets for all of the 12 events at the London 2012 Games, today I got my laniards for my tickets – woohoo! 😉

The whole process hasn’t been the easiest, by far…

With the Olympics being in my “back yard”, so to speak, I did think that it would be a lot easier to get tickets for the events than the previous 3 Olympic Games I’ve been to.

Despite Greece having economic problems at the moment, and whatever other issues they may have in the country, at least I was able to get tickets easily to all the events from their ticket website no problem.  With the London 2012 Olympic Ticket site – not so much.

Between the site breaking because of too much traffic (a definite oversight on their behalf in not having enough server resources available to cope) and then it taking a number of days to fix, they left thousands of angry people in the UK fuming that they couldn’t get tickets.  In the end, they went to sites in other countries to get tickets…  But by the time Olympics fans found that out, even they had sold out of tickets – including myself.

Olympics Laniard for London 2012 Taekwondo

It wasn’t until tickets became available again in January on a German website, that I was able to get the vast majority of my tickets.  It would take the Germans to be efficient and for them to sell people in the UK tickets to an event running in London!  All I can say is “Thanks German efficiency!”.

Anyway, I’ve got my laniard now and I’ve got all my tickets.  All I’m waiting for is the games to begin, and the circus that is The Olympics to hit London and bring its craziness with it.

It’s definitely going to be interesting! 😉

If you’re coming to the Olympics and/or have thoughts about it, let us know in the comments box, as we would love to hear from you.

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