Taekwondo Competition – Do You Worry What Others Think?

In Taekwondo competition, especially at World and Olympic level, there are those that stand out from the rest. There are those athletes that everyone wants to see, everyone believes will will and everyone almost wants to be like. These people aren’t very common on our sport, or any sport for that matter. Every sport has this type of person…

Every so often, someone comes along, and it doesn’t matter what they do, they inspire us with what they do.

They reminds us of what we can truly achieve in our lives. They show us what is possible, and that we are only using a small percentage of our true power.

When studies are made of these people, they come from all walks of life, with very different backgrounds will all sorts of families, etc. There is little they can see that is common with them all. But there are some things that do, when they dig deep enough.

One is that they have a parent figure who inspires and guides them to achieve their successes. I cover this in greater detail in the article The Value Of Family In Taekwondo Training And Competition.

But there is another characteristic that is in common with the true greats in history, and that is that they concentrate on what they think of themselves and their performance. They don’t worry about what other people think of them, what they say about them or anything like that. What matters is what they think, and this is very key to success.

Even when they seem to be at their lowest in life, and everyone is talking bad stuff about them, they seem to be washed up, with no return, they have a belief, they have a vision of what their reality is. They see things differently. They don’t care what others are saying, they only care what they believe and where they believe they are going.

If you’re worrying about what anyone else thinks of your performance before you step in the ring, you’ve already lost. You need to step in there with a clear mind, with only one objective – WINNING!

One person who is a big inspiration in my life, and so many others is Muhammad Ali. He’s been “down and out” many times in his life, but always came back and silenced his critics.

Here’s a video that will illustrate exactly what I mean about about only looking at what you think.

Watch the video and be inspired. After that, let us know you’re alive and leave a comment. Let us know who your sporting inspirations are and how they’ve inspired you in your life. Enjoy 😉

2 thoughts on “Taekwondo Competition – Do You Worry What Others Think?

  1. mark

    There is little they can see that is common with them all. But there are some things that do, when they dig deep enough.

    (can you compose that sentence that with proper Pronunciation please. It does not make any sense!)

  2. Eunice

    Dear coach,

    I’ve just started training taekwondo for about 10 months now. Really looking forward to see more improvement in my skills and your articles helped a lot. Thank you so much for sharing all those good information. Please do continue the good work.

    Best Wishes.

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