Taekwondo Competition – Can Video Gaming Give You The Edge?

Fighting Make You Better Taekwondo Player?Can playing video games make you into a better Taekwondo Player? Can they give you the edge in Taekwondo competitions? Is spending all those hours shooting people left right and center actually going to pay off for you finally?

Well, some studies are showing that it actually just might pay off for you! 🙂

Studies are showing playing video games can give gamers the advantage in being able to make decisions faster. Games such as Halo, Call of Duty and other Shoot-Em-Ups require you to make decisions very quickly because if you don’t you’re dead. Not literally, but in the game, you lose a life.

I know some Olympic and World Champions who play video games almost every day. Halo is a favourite amoung them, so it definitely hasn’t hurt their ability to win gold medals. But being able to react quickly while “under pressure” is something that all Taekwondo athletes need to be able to do either in sparring or Taekwondo tournaments. So I can definitely see where it help anyone needing to make decisions quicker, especially Taekwondo players.

Daphne Bavelier of New York’s University of Rochester, who conducted the study said:
‘Unlike standard learning paradigms, which have a specific solution, there is no such specific solution in action video games because situations are rarely, if ever, repeated. The only thing that can be learned is how to rapidly and accurately accumulate this evidence more efficiently.’

She measured gamers against non-gamers’ abilities to discern motion within arrays of dots, in which action gamers triumphed in speed and accuracy.

And the good thing that the study showed is that if you’re a non gamer, you don’t have to spend endless hours playing Halo to get your decision making muscle up to the level or die hard gamers. You can sharpen your decision making by practising on shooting games for about 50 hours.

‘You don’t even have to like playing the games,’ said Dr Bavelier. ‘You just have to play them.’

There you have it. Video games do have a use, especially in being able to make quick decisions in a Taekwondo match. They can help you cut down on mistakes in Taekwondo competitions. Now you can tell everyone who says you’re playing too much video games that it’s part of your Faster Decision Making Training!

So if you play video games, let me know what you play, how much time you spend playing, and if you think it’s helped you. If you hate them, please let me know what you think too. Let us know you have a pulse and what you think in the comments box below! 8)