Taekwondo Competition – 100 Days To Go To Taekwondo In The Olympics

Ok, it’s officially 100 days to go to the next chapter of Taekwondo in The Olympics.  London 2012 is going to be a very interesting – for many reasons…

Firstly, it’s the debut of Electronic Protectors at the Olympics.  They’ve passed “quality control” at the World Championships last year, and are seemingly good enough for the greatest sporting event on earth.  But there are reservations as to whether they’ll hold up or not by many parties involved.  This we’ll cover in another article soon…

The second reason why this will be an interesting Games is because this will be a swan song for many athletes.

Just like Beijing, there are athletes competing in London 2012 who want to go out on a high, and end their careers with an Olympic Gold Medal around their neck and return home to a hero’s welcome.

Athletes like a friend of mine Bahri Tanrikulu from Turkey, and Carlo Molfetta, have both moved up to Heavyweight (+80kg) to end their careers with what’s eluded them in the past.

Bahri does have a Silver from the Athens Olympics in 2004, but I’m sure is wanting to get that Gold Medal so he can retire in Turkey a Turkish Sporting Legend.

It will also prove interesting for the British Taekwondo Team also.  They will be competing in the European Championships this week, which will be the last major tournament for them, and many athletes, before the Olympics.  Then it will be training camps and training, training and a bit more training on top for good measure.

So with us with only 100 days to go, what do you think will be the thing that people will be talking about from London 2012?

Do you think we’ll have another athlete kicking a referee?

Will another decision be overturned by the arbitration?

All of these happened on the last day of the Olympics, and Taekwondo in Beijing.  Do you think we’ll have a Games to be remembered?

Let me know what you think will happen at this years Olympics, and who’ll be victorious over 4 days in August in the comments box below! 😉

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