Olympic Taekwondo – Stevenson’s Last Chance For Olympic Gold?

Could the Olympics in London in the summer be the last chance for Sarah Stevenson to achieve her goal of Olympic Gold?  Could she be 4th Time Lucky?

The 2 times World Taekwondo Champion is back training after damaging her cruciate ligament in a training camp in Mexico a few months ago. After an operation in January and extensive rehab, she’s back kicking, in preparation for the Olympics this summer.

But after only winning a Bronze from 3 Olympic Games, is this the “last chance saloon” for the British Taekwondo veteran?

For me, I do believe it is…

I think it’s going to be VERY hard to be able to compete at a 5th Olympics in 4 years.

Despite being relatively young as a person, she’s been competing for the vast majority of her life.  And with her knee going for a second time, it’s going to be tough for anyone in her condition to be able to maintain the high level of fitness, as well as health, to compete with athletes 10 or more years younger than her.

Sarah Stevenson

Luckily she’s been able to get back training in time to get ready for the Olympics.  She will have home town advantage, and this is another reason why I believe it’s going to be her best shot at winning the “elusive” Gold Medal.

The European Taekwondo Championships in Manchester in May but she won’t be competing because she won’t be back to full fighting fitness in time. It would have been a good indicator as to how she’s going to perform in the Olympics, but she’s going to have to make it up between now and August if she’s going to win that Gold Medal that every Olympic Athlete craves.

I’m interest to know your views on whether Sarah Stevenson will be able to take advantage of competing in London this summer, and whether she’ll be fit in time.  Let me know your views to whether it will be a Hit or Miss in the comments area below 8)