Olympic Taekwondo – How To Watch Live…

Taekwondo in the London 2012 Olympics is almost upon us. For those who are lucky enough to get tickets to watch, they’re sitting pretty for the next few days.

But if you’re not lucky enough to either get tickets, or be able to fly all the way to London, what can you do to follow all the excitement and drama of Taekwondo in the Olympics as it happens..?

Well, technology is at hand that will allow you to watch every match, every day… all for a few bucks!

If you’ve lived in the UK for long enough, you know that the BBC is phenomenal when it comes to its coverage in most events.

They have cameras everywhere and they like to push the boundaries in giving people access to footage, and none more so than during this Olympics.

They are showing up to 27 TV feeds from all the sports per day on both satellite TV, but more importantly for you if you’re abroad – online. But it’s only available if you are in the UK.

So what does this mean for you and how can you get access to Taekwondo during the Games?

Well, with a cheap piece of software, you can get access to all 27 TV streams for all the sports as they happen live during the Olympics!

So no matter where you are, whether you’re in Azerbaijan or Zimbabwe, you can get access to Taekwondo – as it happens live – on your computer for every match.

All you need to do is to go to any VPN service that gives you a UK IP address. Make sure you get one with an Unlimited Data Download, as you don’t want to be watching a final, and all of a sudden it shuts you off because you’ve downloaded your limit.

Pick a monthly payment package as this will be the lowest price, usually.  You get pick one up for $5-$10 for the month.  If you want to stay on for longer, by all means pick a longer package. If you want just watch Taekwondo, or any other Olympics events, then all you’ll need is the monthly package.

I could tell you which company to go with, but with new ones popping up, the one I could recommend may not be the best one for you. So just do a search for “VPN UK IP” and then just go through the ones that come up for you.

Once you have this, install the software (make sure it works for your particular Operating System), or set it up on your computer following their instructions, switch it on and then go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/2012.

On there you’ll see they have the data streams and select Taekwondo and watch it at your leisure 🙂

If you have a HDMI output, you can connect that to your TV and watch it on your TV instead of watching a computer screen.  Most newer laptops have a HDMI out port, which will allow you to connect it to your TV, so if you have one of them,  you’re good to go.


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