Olympic News – Could Greek Athletes Not Compete In Taekwondo In London?

Could the Taekwondo athletes from Greece be missing from the Olympics in London this summer? Well it could be possible..!

News has come in that the Government in Greece has announced that it’s not sending some sports to the London 2012 Games due to financial issues.

With the country in financial difficulty, it seems that they are cutting back on spending on sports, and are looking to those sports that aren’t high profile in the country that they believe can afford to be cut.

The sports they’ve announced are the first to go are Martial Arts and Football.

This would mean that both Taekwondo and Judo would be cut from their schedule and athletes like Alex Nicolaides, who with 2 Olympic Silver Medals and his 4th Olympic Games in Taekwondo, it’s going to be his last chance to get Olympic Gold before life kicks in (excuse the pun) and it’s becomes very difficult to win at such a high level.

Alex Nicolaides who could be affected by the Greek Government's decision

There are options, but it remains to be seen what they’ll do in light of this announcement, and what they end up doing for London.

Watch this space, as we’ll keep you up to date when we find out 😉

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