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Taekwondo Competition – Talent Transfer A New Era For Taekwondo? Pt1

Talent Transfer in sport is a programme which has been utilized by many sporting organizations and bodies for a number of years, especially Taekwondo. Put simply talent transfer is where an athlete in one sport changes their focus to another sport. This can be due to a number of variables including higher probability of sporting success or even sporting inclusion in certain events i.e. Olympic Games.
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Taekwondo Training – Your Balance When Kicking In Taekwondo Part 1

Tae Kwon Do TrainingBalance in Taekwondo is one of the most important things, especially when you are kicking in Taekwondo competition or training.

But so many people don’t know they’re off balance, and if they do recognise it, they don’t know how to correct it.

When training people and working on their kicking technique, one of the first things I notice is their balance.  You may be asking how it’s possible to see if someone is off balance or not – it’s actually very easy to see.

When you look at someone kick, notice where they land.  If their foot is in a straight line with where they started to kick to where they were kicking to, then it’s in line.
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Overcoming Your Weight Loss Plateau In Taekwondo

Taekwondo Weighing ScalesAmong diet experts, there is a rarely mentioned adaptation of the body that prevents a diet program from achieving the maximum results. This adaptation, the Weight Loss Plateau, can be tackled in a variety of ways.

Most of these involve changes in your training or diet regimen. While keeping your  metabolic rate elevated can be a difficult process, it can be done.
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Water A Necessity For Every Taekwondo Athlete

Taekwondo WaterNow, we all know that drinking water is an absolute must for every single Taekwondo athlete there is. We can’t get away from it. We sweat so much during training, we have to replace those lost liquids.

But, apart from replacing that lost liquid, what else does drinking water do for us?

In this post I’m going to show you the many other things that happen when we drink water, and not just during and after training…

When we drink water, a number of different things happen in our body.
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Taekwondo And Energy System – The ATP-PCr System

Tae Kwon Do Energy SystemsIn the previous article we learned about Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) the body’s “energy currency” and how the body uses certain sources to replenish this.In this article we will look at how ATP is actually produced by the body and how this is important for Taekwondo.

There are actually three separate energy systems through which ATP can be produced. A number of factors determine which of these energy systems is chosen by the body, such as exercise intensity.
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Taekwondo Conditioning & The Law of Specificity – Step Away From The Treadmill!

TreadmillRecently I was asked to review an Strengh & Conditioning programme written for a full time Taekwondo athlete, by the athlete’s full time coach. Within the programme the coach was making the athlete do swimming a few times in a week!

I queried as to why swimming had been included within the programme, and the coach said to make the athlete “fitter” for competition… It was very apparent to me by this point that this coach had completely no idea about effective training and had really missed the point… Most importantly they must have never heard about the Law of Specifity!

Ok, so let’s turn the tables and set a scene.
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Taekwondo Stance – Optimal Positions For Effective Technique

Before a Taekwondo match even starts the first thing a Taekwondo player will do is position themselves into stance. Stance is a hugely important component for a Taekwondo athlete as you send at least 80% of your time in a match in that position. Even during basic traditional Taekwondo training, stance is a major variable which is practised over and over again.
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Why Do Taekwondo Athletes Bounce?

We have all seen it… especially back in the old days… minutes and minutes of bouncing in a Taekwondo match!

One of the most common questions I ever get asked by people who don’t do Taekwondo is ‘Why are they just standing there bouncing around doing nothing? Why don’t they kick each other?’ To people who do Taekwondo this seems like a tedious question just like ‘Why don’t they put their hands up?’ but being honest how many people out there in the Taekwondo world know why we bounce… or what for?
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