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Taekwondo Sparring Mental Games

Taekwondo SparringSo, you’re at a competition, you’re feeling a bit nervous. The Taekwondo players in your weight division are all experienced, some moreso than you.  So how to do you give yourself the advantage?

How do you get around those nerves and thoughts that don’t help you and turn them into something that works for you?
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Taekwondo Stance – Optimal Positions For Effective Technique

Before a Taekwondo match even starts the first thing a Taekwondo player will do is position themselves into stance. Stance is a hugely important component for a Taekwondo athlete as you send at least 80% of your time in a match in that position. Even during basic traditional Taekwondo training, stance is a major variable which is practised over and over again.
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