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Taekwondo Nutrition – The Science Pt1

Tae Kwon Do FuelNutrition for Taekwondo performance is massively important and I CANNOT stress this message enough! I didn’t really understand how much of a vital role nutrition had to play in the overall training plan until I started to study it myself but I suppose it is a no brainer really in a weight mediated sport like ours.

The purpose of this article is going to be an introduction into why good nutrition is so important for Taekwondo performance and the benefits of a balanced diet.
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Taekwondo Nutrition Super Fast Smoothie

Taekwondo SmoothieOk, so you’re looking for something quick and easy to make after training… You’re stuck for something that tastes good AND is healthy too. You’re bored of protein bars and junk food is out of the question. So what do you do..?
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Bodyfat In Taekwondo And What It Does

Tae Kwon Do And BodyfatOk, we have bodyfat. Now, some have more than others, but that’s just the way it goes…

As Taekwondo people we spend quite a lot of time looking to get rid of as much as we can so we’re on weight, and also to look good. 😉

But what does it do, and why sometimes does is just not move, no matter what we do?
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Overcoming Your Weight Loss Plateau In Taekwondo

Taekwondo Weighing ScalesAmong diet experts, there is a rarely mentioned adaptation of the body that prevents a diet program from achieving the maximum results. This adaptation, the Weight Loss Plateau, can be tackled in a variety of ways.

Most of these involve changes in your training or diet regimen. While keeping your  metabolic rate elevated can be a difficult process, it can be done.
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How Often Should You Eat For Taekwondo

Tae Kwon Do Healthy FoodOk, you’re training regularly. You’re making great progress and you feel pumped. You’ve got your goals in sight and you’re looking good to achieve them. But are you eating as regularly as you need to for the best performance?

When I get asked about what to eat, etc, people forget one of the main things they need to be thinking of when they plan their diet and nutrition – how often to eat!
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Water A Necessity For Every Taekwondo Athlete

Taekwondo WaterNow, we all know that drinking water is an absolute must for every single Taekwondo athlete there is. We can’t get away from it. We sweat so much during training, we have to replace those lost liquids.

But, apart from replacing that lost liquid, what else does drinking water do for us?

In this post I’m going to show you the many other things that happen when we drink water, and not just during and after training…

When we drink water, a number of different things happen in our body.
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Easy Food For Taekwondo Training And Competitions

Taekwondo Healthy FoodOk, you want to eat something healthy, before, or after training, or even to have something to eat during competition day.

Well, I have the thing for you. In this video, I show you how to make one of the best and most nutritious foods out there. It’s high in protein, got essential fatty acids and high in fibre. They’re a meal in a nut!
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Are You Fuelling Correctly For Your Taekwondo Training II

Tae Kwon Do FuelIn my last article I laid the foundations for the nutritional guide for athletic performance. I discussed the different types of foods that we have in our diets. In this article, I want to go through which types of foods we need to keep our bodies in peak condition.

Whether you do Taekwondo as a workout, or as a form of self defence, or like a lot of people as a sport they compete in, the quality of your nutrition has a direct effect on your performance. Whether that’s in the ring, in your personal life, in your work life or just doing day to day stuff. Your energy and enthusiasm in what you do is directly affected by the food you eat, and the quality of it.
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Understanding ATP – The Video

Tae Kwon Do VideoI came across this video on YouTube on the topic of ATP – Adenosine Triphospate.

So, following on from me article a few days ago, I thought I would share that with you here.
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How Your Body Creates Energy For Taekwondo

When training in Taekwondo, whether it is for recreation, health benefits or to reach the medal podium, every good coach knows that training should be effective. In order to know how to make your training more effective you need to have a very general understanding of basic exercise physiology.

There is a whole wealth of information in regards to exercise physiology via the web, media etc. but even the most basic info can be confusing. In this article we look at how the body creates energy for Taekwondo training and competition.
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