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Olympic Taekwondo – How To Watch Live…

Taekwondo in the London 2012 Olympics is almost upon us. For those who are lucky enough to get tickets to watch, they’re sitting pretty for the next few days.

But if you’re not lucky enough to either get tickets, or be able to fly all the way to London, what can you do to follow all the excitement and drama of Taekwondo in the Olympics as it happens..?

Well, technology is at hand that will allow you to watch every match, every day… all for a few bucks!

If you’ve lived in the UK for long enough, you know that the BBC is phenomenal when it comes to its coverage in most events.
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Taekwondo Competition – 100 Days To Go To Taekwondo In The Olympics

Ok, it’s officially 100 days to go to the next chapter of Taekwondo in The Olympics.  London 2012 is going to be a very interesting – for many reasons…

Firstly, it’s the debut of Electronic Protectors at the Olympics.  They’ve passed “quality control” at the World Championships last year, and are seemingly good enough for the greatest sporting event on earth.  But there are reservations as to whether they’ll hold up or not by many parties involved.  This we’ll cover in another article soon…

The second reason why this will be an interesting Games is because this will be a swan song for many athletes.
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