Bodyfat In Taekwondo And What It Does

Tae Kwon Do And BodyfatOk, we have bodyfat. Now, some have more than others, but that’s just the way it goes…

As Taekwondo people we spend quite a lot of time looking to get rid of as much as we can so we’re on weight, and also to look good. 😉

But what does it do, and why sometimes does is just not move, no matter what we do?

Ok, well, the first thing bodyfat does is keep up warm. Back in Neanderthal days, we were similar to how animals are today, in that we “hibernated”. We ate lots of food in the Autumn in preparation for Winter, burned it off as we didn’t have much food during those cold times, and when Spring came, we had most of it burned off.

Since today, we don’t have to go into “hibernation” like we did back thousands of years ago, we do what we can to reduce it as much as possible.

But there are a number of other reasons why we have bodyfat – some of which are actually vital to our health, and in fact keep us from dying of toxic wastes in our body.

The body stores toxins, viruses, and other not so nice things in our bodyfat, especially if our immune system isn’t up to the job.

When our bodies aren’t running at optimum levels, typically when we’re sick, eating crap food, or over trained, out immune system needs help if we’re bombarded with viruses and toxins that could possibly kill us.

So, as a backup defence, all those not so nice things get stored in our fat. There, they can’t do any harm to us as they’re away from our vital organs and systems.

This is why we can get a bit fat when we’re sick.

So, if you’re having a problem reducing your bodyfat, but your sick regularly, your body is keeping you fat to store those viruses to keep you alive!

Now, on the other hand, if you’ve ever experienced getting a little sick when you’ve began to lose bodyfat, the reason is because you’ve just released those viruses and toxins into your system and your body is dealing with them.

Bodyfat also protects your muscles and vital organs. When our bodyfat gets too low, typically below 5-6%, we bruise a lot easier, and it usually takes a lot longer to get rid of the bruising.

Since Taekwando is a full contact sport, bruising is an occupational hazard! Not recovering from bruising isn’t great for athletes. So, bodyfat is necessary for athletes to deal with the many bangs and bruises that happen in Taekwon Do – and that’s just the Taekwondo Training!

You need to have your bodyfat levels just right for the sport, so you’re as efficient as you can be, as well as being on weight.

If you’re looking to lose some bodyfat for summer, don’t be surprised if you begin to feel a little under the weather for a day or 2. This is your body releasing those toxins and getting rid of them. It’ll pass in a few days, and once it does, you’ll be able to accelerate your fat loss.

So, it’s vital you keep yourself healthy to deal with viruses and toxins that we have to deal with daily. If your body can’t, it’ll store them in your body fat. It then makes it hard to reduce it, especially when we need to cut weight, not to mention having a nice set of abs to show when we take our shirt off! 8)