Are You Using Your Taekwondo Bank Of Success?

Ok, you may think I’m totally off my rocker here, but bare with me…

What is the “Taekwondo Bank of Success”?. Well, it’s actually the “Bank of Success” but I’ve adapted it for Taekwondo.

Let me ask you this? Can you go to a bank and take out money that’s not in your account?


So why do people go to tournaments and expect to be able to do the same?

Well, the answer is, because they don’t know any different.

While working with some athletes recently, it struck me that so many people take for granted the necessity for Psychology Training in their Taekwondo success. Many know that they should be doing it, but they just don’t bother. And when they turn up at a tournament, they just expect that it’s all going to fall into place for them on the day.

Well, more often than not, it doesn’t.

Now, instead of money being deposited in this bank account, you need to deposit mental training, specifically visualisation and mental development training.

As I talked about in my previous article, What Does Taekwondo Success Look Like For You?, I talked about being able to see what your success looks like. With your Bank of Success, this is exactly the same. You need to be able to spend the time visualising your success, how it feels, smells, etc, and then writing it down so that it’s so ingrained in you that it’s as if you’ve already achieved it. It has to be that every cell in your body radiates it.

It’s when this happens that you are in “The Zone” and everything happens automatically when you enter the ring. It’s when this happens that everything is easy and effortless. The more you put into your Bank of Success, the more it will give you in return on competition day.

So, are you using your Taekwondo Bank of Success? If you’re not doing so now, or very very soon, you’re leaving your potential on the table and not realising everything that you can be. That person who keeps winning that tournament you go to definitely puts lots of time and effort into their Bank of Success. You should too.

If you have any questions or comments about your Taekwondo Bank of Succees, feel free to send them to me in the Comments box below. 😉