Are You Standing On The Shoulders Of Taekwondo Giants?

Standing on the shoulders of giants… Some of you may be familiar with the term, but most of you won’t.

If you’re into Personal Development, you may have heard the term once or twice, but for those who haven’t, I’ll explain.

Now, when I say “Standing On The Shoulders of Taekwondo Giants” I don’t mean that you go and find the biggest person that you know and ask them if you can stand on their shoulders… It’s more of a metaphorical term, rather than a literal one.

What I mean by standing on the Shoulders of Giants is being able to use the lives and experiences of those great people that inspire us to make you reach higher levels of success.

There are many many ways you can do this…

The first one most of us do already. We watch YouTube. Some people obsessively! But rather than watch if for a “Car Vs Rabbit” video or something, look for inspirational stories from people’s lives and use that to accelerate your own success.

In my post Will Smith’s Tips For Success, this is an excellent example. Here Will gives the reasons why he’s successful. He’s worked hard, he’s been persistent, he’s endured and lasted. All of those things you can learn from that one video.

You can watch videos and DVD’s of your favourite athlete, actor, singer, anyone! Learn about their lives and the things they’ve gone through to get to where they are today.

The next thing you can do is to read.

I know in this day and age, books may seem almost extinct to some people. But they still remain the best source of knowledge and information.

There are thousands of biographies and autobiographies that will inspire you. You can read about Muhammed Ali, Bruce Lee, Lance Armstrong, Michael Jordan and many many greats of our time, all through a book.

If you still prefer your reading on the internet, you can read interviews and articles about your favourite athletes. Whether it’s Steven Lopez, Hadi Saei, Dae Sung Moon, or whoever, they’re all there for you.

They don’t even have to be athletes. Whether it’s in business, in life or community, there are people out there – GIANTS – who’s shoulders you can stand on to inspire and motivate you every day and guide you to bigger and better things.

I would love to know which Giants you would like to stand on the shoulders of. Just let me know in the Comments box below. 8)

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